Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ran the suicide run today Rowardennan to Benglas and back. Weather was overcast with drizzle but was pleasant. I have not ran this section in 2yr after my MI prevent me getting that far in last year Highland Fling Race so it was going to be interesting... I set off at a steady pace and ensured that I eat and drank regularly... after a mile the first hill appears and its steady climb gaining height very quickly once reaching the top there is a long steady run down which means you can make up on the time you have lost during the climb. On reaching the bottom of the hill you are straight into the next hill this one not as long but still slows you down.. On reaching the top it is a short run down before heading to the lochside and some challenging running for the next 10miles to Benglas.. I reached Benglas in 3hrs.08min and had some lunch(Mular Rice,Fig Rolls,coke and Pint Shandy) which set me up for the return journey.. The Way was busy with Easter walkers.. On the way back I stopped at Darios marker.. Dario was the Race Director for the West Highland Way Race until his untimely death in 2009 and it sits at a fitting part of the route with great views down the loch.. I was hoping for an even split again but this section is a real ball-buster but I was making good ground.. and completed the return in 3hrs.16mins. My legs were aching and I walked straight into the loch to ice my legs.. which help with my recover for tomorrow..

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