Friday, 9 September 2011

Glen Ogle 33

On the 5th November 2011 will see the first running of GO33 starting at Strathyre and heading to Killin and back taken in the Glen Ogle Viaduct..

Glenmore 24

On the 3rd September 2011 the first running of the Glenmore 24 took place at Glenmore, Nr Aviemore.
The race concept is to complete as many laps of a 4mile loops in 12 & 24hrs.
The race was limited to 80 runners so to allow any problems to be ironed out.

In the end 48 entered, 9 postponed to 2012, 12 DNS left us 27 starters...
The race started at 12 lunch on the Saturday with some very able ultra runners
Mimi Anderson, Ross Morefoot and Jerone Remes from Holland.. in the 24hr class
and Bob Steel, Colin Hutt, Antonia Johnson from New Zealand in the 12hrs class

All of the above set a good early pace all completing 20mile in under 4hrs. All other runners were going well all with there own goals or targets.

The weather was mixed to start but turned in to a warm sunny day with 8.30hrs on the clock we had our first drop out with Bob Steel finding the mental battle of going round the same route to much.. he drop out clocking up 44mile...

Next to drop out was Colin Hutt who was having a storming race with 56mile on the clock pulled up with cramp which is a sign mismanagement of food and fluids. Colin was assessed by lead medic Dr Andrew Murray and sent to hospital as precaution.

The race was continuing with all this drama and with sun setting the temperature began to drop as the night set in. The sky cleared and the stars shawn bright.

At midnight the 12hr race finished with 3 women taking the 1st 3 spots with Antonia Johnson taken 1st place having raked up 72miles.

The temperature continued to drop and its believed it fell to -1 runners had now dawned gloves/hats and full body cover due to the cold..
But they still managed to keep their spirits high and churn out the laps... with tired lags and tired minds.. Some runners took time out for a sleep and around 4am only 12 runners remained on the course....

As the sun came up runners began to filter back on to the course and overnight Paul Houston drop out... not returning from his comfy tent... With less than 6hrs to go in
the 24hrs class some runners had gone through the 100mile mark and were still going strong... In the end we would have 7 runners getting over the magic 100mile marker and some impressive individual battles including that of Graham Bristowe who on 2 or 3 occasion's looked down and out.

But it was still all going on at the sharp end with Jerone, Ross and Mimi all pushing hard... In the end Jerone took the honours completing 124mile, Ross 116mile, Mimi 112miles

In its first year the Glenmore24 has provide to be a very well received race with all runners saying they really enjoyed the event and would most differently return next year...

I would just like to thank all the marshals, med team, Redcross without them the event wouldnt have been held...

For further info on the race check out
See you all 2012.