Saturday, 11 February 2012

Drovers to Bridge O Orchy

Another day out for the Kirky Krazies with Terry, Ada and myself heading out on a planned 24 mile run from Drovers to Tyndrum and back. The weather had been cold for a couple weeks with snow and frost/ice. The trail was hard with large areas of ice which made things real interesting.. Ada was finding things hard going due to the conditions under foot and Terry and I tipped toed along..
On the drop into Auchertyer the route got very icy and with that we had the idea rather than run back to the Drovers we would carry on to Bridge O Orchy and get the bus back.... with that we searched Tyndrum for a bus time table to see when the next bus was... but had no joy... but with one phone call to Terrys wife Susan.. She confirmed that the next bus was 3.05pm we had 2.5hr to do 7 miles.. which meant we would have plenty of time for a beer in the Bridge O Orchy Hotel before the bus came...
When the bus arrived we thought we were not going to get on as the driver only had five seats and they were booked.. It turned out that the people who booked them were getting on at the Drovers so we were ok to get on... the thought of another 3hrs in the pub before the next bus came would have been a nightmare..