Friday, 23 March 2012

D33 17th March 2012

Saturday 17th March saw the first race of the Scottish Ultra Marathon season in the D33 in Aberdeen.. This was the 3rd running of this race and has growing year on year with 192 taken to the start line... It was a chilly start but the sun was up and was looking like another stunning day. I stayed the Friady night in Aberdeen with the other Kirky Krazies, Ada, Terry, Susan and Alice... This was Terry and Ada first Ultra Marathon this time last year and both came back as part of their training towards the WHW Race in June. As usual we run our own race and I assume the my normal place at the start right at the back and soon we were off.. Anything better the last years 6hrs.25mins would do me.. as this was only my 3rd race since helicopter Saturday in 2011... I ran the first 2mile with Colin Knox a good friend I first met in 2009 Highland Fling Race as we ran the last 12miles together. Colin pushed on as I slowed to take my jacket off and I settled into my game plan of 6mph which is a bit fast for me as I would normally stick to 5mph.. after about 14miles I could feel my legs becoming tight and know good food was a must at the halfway mark. I was met by Susan and Alice who handed me my muler rice and salted crisps both of which came to my rescue.. as I reach the halfway mark 15mins up on the year before... After leaving Banchory it took till around 23miles before the food kicked in and I could run again I was at 23.7 miles in 3hrs.25mins all of a sudden I notice with a bit of luck I was on for 5hr.30min finish which would just be the "dugs nuts" as they say.. with that I pushed on and noticed I was catch a few runners.. over the next 6miles I would pass another 6 runners who were all feeling the effects of a very warm day and a difficult flat course... with 3miles to go I notice a sign saying 3miles to Duthie Park and the finish line... after 1/4 of a mile I came across another sign Duthie Park 3mile.. I was now getting my toys ready to be thrown out the pram... but worse was to come... in another 1/4 of a mile another sign appeared Duthie Park 3miles... I now know someone was taken the piss... which was compounded yet again with another sign now saying 2.5mile to Duthie Park... I had now lost the will to live.. as I was at 5hrs. 15mins with 3miles to go... Over the last 3mile I lost 2 places.. On reaching the park I could see Ian who I meet with earlier in the day really struggling... I shouted to keep going as he was only 6oom from the finish which seem to give him a lift as he took to his heels and legged it to the finish 10sec in front of me.. all in all it was a great day for the Kirky Krazies... Terry finished in a stunning 4hr.47mins.. 30min PB, Ada finishing in 5hrs.15min...5min PB and myself 5hrs.55mins.. 30min PB... Its now onwards and upward for this years Highland Fling on the 28th April... Time to get the monkey of last year off my back...

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