Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cardio Rehab

Having had my MI during this year Highland Fling Race I was enrolled in a 12 week Cardio Rehab programme at Stobhill Cardio Department.

The first 6 weeks are very low key and are designed to get people fit who would other wise just go home and back to their old habits.
As a fit person before my MI it became clear the I was going to be a challenge for the staff as I was keen to push on.
It was with this attitude that I was moved up to the big boys class after 4 weeks and that allowed me the chance to run, bike, x train and some normal weight training.

I now have 3 weeks left of the Cardio classes before a final visit to see the Cardio Dude to be signed off.

I have now started training for this year Brecon Beacons Ultra in November.. which would be a great boast to the end of the year and make this positive for next year.

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