Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Eve Run

Arranged a wee training run for the "Kirky Krazies" but due to the time of year it was only Terry, Ada and myself that set off on the 15 mile run from Milngavie to Beech Tree and back.

The plan was to run out to the Beech Tree and have coffee and beacon buttys but it wasnt to be as the Beech Tree snack bar had closed for the winter(I do wish they had put that on there website..)..

The weather was overcast with showers but very mild... On the return Ada and Terry were about 5mins in front as I messed about with my Ipod...

As I came over a small hill I should have been able to see them but they had disappeared... The route takes a small dip and this is were I found Ada and Terry... Ada had only gone and fallen... doing some damage in the process..

Cut hands, Cut chin(5 stitches required), Cut to her thigh which turned to a 10" Bruise... all in all not the way you want to finish your pre Christmas run...

But hey ho... Ada is a touch old burd....

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